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As a vertical floating popper, we have included almost everything you can think of. In contrast to the undulating down head that grips water well at the time of initial movement, the flat back and straight lines of the sides create a characteristic undertow at low speeds, which improves the aerodynamics of the body with many curved surfaces, increasing flight distance. will also contribute. When you add action, it dives showing its wide back. Combined with a cup with a flat bottom, it provides high visibility even from a distance. The biggest feature is the RM unit that uses a spherical magnet. Since the weight touches the magnet at one point, it trembles with the slightest external force, and does not synchronize with the waves even when staying, demonstrating a unique HY action. Attack slowly, tempt in a flashy manner. A popper that can be used in a variety of situations.

Model: TKP135TT

Weight: 41g

Length: 135mm

Hook: ST-46  #1

Ring: #5

Type: Floating


101 Pearl Red Head, 115 Clear HG Pink Head, 118 Flying fish BFC, 113 HG Konoshiro


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