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A unique lineup that matches the rig, from lightweight jig heads to heavyweight M Caro, with high response action that can be applied instantly.
The adoption of the Sic-S ring guide, which is thinner and lighter than the conventional Sic ring, reduces operating resistance.
Adopts high-elastic carbon, and the unique repulsive force allows for quick hooking and a sticky fight when hooking a fish. In addition, the rod balance has been redesigned from the ground up for high operability, allowing you to attack aggressively. Make full use of your techniques and don’t miss the moment! A new innovation in Aging Rod that even experts will agree with.

The exquisite length allows for excellent flight distance even with a jig head, and allows for nimble operation. It is also good at drifting in sync with the flow with blanks that are upfront but conscious of bending and an ultra-fine solid tip. A sensor model with a delicate tip that clearly conveys even the slightest weight change in the current and bites in firmly.


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TICT SRAM EXR-611S-Sis Ajing Rod

Availability: 1 in stock

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