Type: floating

Length: 130mm

Weight: 45g

Rigged with VMC trebles.


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Tensile strength 100kg. Penetrating wire structure. It can easily deal with monster class targets.

IWASHI PENCIL is a pencil bait that combines operability and realism with the motif of the world’s most major baitfish, sardines.

VAGABOND’s unique design realistically reproduces the form of a sardine seen from the side and the glossy coloring of a live fish.

The target is yellowtail, amberjack, tuna (tuna), giant dolphinfish, etc., with a penetrating wire structure that achieves a tensile strength of 100 kg, and a setting that can challenge monsters. The leader setting is set based on 80lb. Achieved a weight of 45g (when using ST66#2/0) with a total length of 130mm. With a stress-free long cast and a stable flight attitude, you can accurately cast and control the target location on the other side of Nabla and the honey spot.

When viewed from the side, the shape of the torso is a shape that emphasizes water entanglement during long stroke jerk.

Realizes a stable diving action and directs a natural S-shaped action that entangles air bubbles.

The cross section seen from the front has a shape similar to a pentagon (pentagon), and the back side has a flat form like a roof, which firmly grips the water during long stroke jerk and creates a natural S-shaped action. continue.

The ventral cross section has a smooth curved surface design that effectively pushes the water and makes it easy to dogwalk the water surface.

VAGABOND salt water pencil bait, which is derived from many years of basic research, has a fascinating action, operation feeling, and castability that attracts fish eaters.

*Recommended hooks and standard equipment hooks At Vagabond, when using IWASHI PENCIL for tuna game, the recommended hook is Cartiva ST-66#2/0. The total weight when the Cartiva ST-66 #2/0 is attached is about 45g, but the standard equipment hook is a highly versatile VMC hook, so the total weight is about 41g. The weight difference between Cartiva ST-66#2/0 and VMC hook is about 2.36g for 1 hook and about 4.7g for 2 hooks. Shout Single Kudako #5/0, etc. are equivalent weights to his Cartiva ST-66 #2/0 when replaced with a single hook. Please use it as a guide for hook replacement.


Iwashi, Tobiuo, Tuna, Pearl White Glow Tuna


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