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Rust-resistant fluorine coated stainless steel pliers

  • Fluorine-coated pliers that are resistant to rust and easy to remove dirt.
  • The power fit grip allows you to grip it without slipping, so you can grip it firmly without losing force.
  • The tip has a split ring opener that allows you to easily remove the split ring.
  • Tungsten line cutter that is also compatible with PE line.
  • A hook releaser with a straight shape that can also be used as a hook releaser.
  • The locking mechanism is safe by simply locking it when not in use.
  • A lure eye tuner to straighten the lure eye if it is bent.
  • It also has a ring hole that helps prevent it from falling off by attaching it to a carabiner, etc. and a full range of basic functions.

These are fishing pliers that can be used for many purposes just by keeping them in your tackle box.


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VICEO Fluorine Coated Stainless Steel Pliers

Availability: 1 in stock

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