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Simple and easy! Egi for light egging
Light egging has become popular in recent years because you can get delicious squid with light tackle.
A dedicated Egi that has the size, fall speed, and color necessary for fishing squid (spear squid, Japanese flying squid, Kensaki squid, black squid, etc.).RV1.5: A killer egg that captures squid that is localized in the middle to bottom with a small silhouette and fast fall speed (3.5 seconds / m).RV1.8: Medium silhouette with fast fall speed (3.5 sec/m). Main egg for bottom capture. It also has its own weight and has a long flight distance, so it also plays a role as a search engine.

RV2.5: Large silhouette and fast fall speed (3.5 sec/m). Since it has its own weight, it can be cast far to explore a wide range.

Since it is basically night fishing, the color lineup is centered on luminous.

The DEEP type is ideal for windy days and deep water points.


Weight: about 4.5g

Sinking Speed: 3.5 Seconds per Meter


Flickering Glow, Tangerine


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